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If the duration of the film is less than 25 minutes, you should consult the regulation of FICCA'T 2016.

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Download rules PDF.

1.- This INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is open to filmmakers of any nationality, both individually and collectively.

2.- The theme will focus on HORROR, FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION, GORE, PSYCHOLOGICAL, EXPERIMENTAL, BIZARRE, ANIMATION... and any variation that could be considered appropriate according to the Festival orientation. The organization will evaluate all proposals received with the same procedures.

3.- The duration will be HIGHER OR EQUAL TO 25 MINUTES. (If the duration is less, you should consult the regulation of FICCA'T 2016).

4.- To participate in the competitive sections, the work must have been produced since 1 January, 2014 to present.

5.- The audio could be recorded in any language. Those which are not in Spanish nor Catalan language must be subtitled in any of these 2 languages.

6.-The SUBMISSION of films can be accomplished in two ways:

a) SENDING ONLINE the film and the corresponding formal submission to the festival through any of the following online platforms:



Click for Festivals - Connecting Films and Festivals

Once uploaded the work, the participant will fill an online information-sheet that will constitute the formal submission to the festival. Participants using the online modality of submission do not have to provide any other information either by postal service or email. Online works will be only accessible to festival staff, collaborators and organizers.

b) Send in FORMAT DVD (PAL) by postal service. DVD’s must be sent with the REGISTRATION FORM properly completed (author's data, name, address, email, phone, film title, credits and a brief synopsis), which can be downloaded directly from the official website (

The DVD and the registration form will be mailed to the following address:

Asociación Catacumba. Carrer Ample, nº 21. Código Postal 46110. GODELLA (Valencia. España.)

Applications received before 5th SEPTEMBER, 2016, will be able to choose to the Competitive Section (Awards). However, the organization will also evaluate the application received after this date. The organization reserves for itself the option of including applications received until the end of October, which could be projected in any section of the Festival.

Each author or group can submit more than one work. In the reception of the applications, the postmark indicating the date and time that the item was delivered will be considered. In any case the consignment will be returned. All documentation received will become part of the festival´s archives. The mere acceptance of participation in this festival will not suppose any economic spending by the organization.

7.- The festival consists of the following SECTIONS:

-Competitive section (Awards)
-Retrospectives (not competitive)
-Valencia Terror – Juan Piquer Simón (not competitive)

The organization reserves the right to modify the non-competitive categories that are part of the festival. Catacumba will be held during the month of December. No film will be screened more than three times, including a possible press pass and the projection in the prize ceremony, without previous assent of the applicant.

8.- The festival provides the following AWARDS and recognitions for the competitive section. These will be awarded by a jury of industry professionals selected by the organization:

a.) "Jury Prize for Best Feature-film Catacumba 2016".

The awards will be announced during the prize ceremony. The awards will be given to the participants (or to the person authorized by them for that purpose) in the ceremony and will not be sent by mail in any case, except for the cash prize. The awards are subject to the current withholding tax following legal requirements. The resolution of the organization and the jury will be unappealable . The awards can be declared void.
The organization will provide the winners an image acknowledging the award that can be used in any promotion activity.

9.- The author or owner will maintain their intellectual rights. It is the responsibility of the author that presented films are not subject to any liability. The organization may freely make use of parts of the selected works to promote Catacumba, the Web and / or the official blog, always respecting copyright.

10.- Sending an application implies the acceptance of these rules. Any issue not covered in these rules will be decided by the Festival organizers.

11.- The organization conserves the right to change these rules with prior notice.

12.- For more information, visit the web and/or write directly to

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